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The Worst Movie of All Time

Psychos in Love - the worst movie ever made

“What is the worst movie of all time?”

Ask that question of 500 different people and you will get at least 500 different answers.

Web Watch believes that PSYCHOS IN LOVE is the worst film ever made, and others have expressed similar opinions.   And trust us, Web Watch has seen some really, really bad films over the years.

(In the spirit of fairness, there are a number of folks who think that PSYCHOS IN LOVE is a fairly entertaining B-movie, and recommend buying the recently-released director’s cut of the film on DVD.  Web Watch is in shock that there would be any unreleased footage worth including as bonus material.  But we digress.)

(Update: I misread the post linked above by Gorman Bechard to represent a “director’s cut”. It’s not. But it does have two commentary tracks, extended scenes, and other bonuses for the fans who want an inside look at the creation of Psychos in Love from the filmmaker. My bad.)

The point is that the Videogum blog is on the HUNT FOR THE WORST MOVIE  OF ALL TIME, and with more than 40 different films already reviewed, we can tell that this is going to be a drawn-out process.  Sure, the obvious ones are on the list (Gigli, The Adventures of Pluto Nash), but those are easy pickings.

And it looks like Videogum isn’t even trying.  It’s easy to say that a film is bad, but you need to put more qualifiers on it.  The worst “big budget, mass-appeal” film from a major studio is going to be significantly different than a low-budget indie film that really was only discovered during its post-theatrical life as an oft-returned VHS tape at the local Village Video Outpost after the gang has seen everything else on the shelf.  

It’s easy to watch and ridicule the summer tentpole films, as the bad ones are going to be ripped apart by everyone.  But finding those indie gems that cause you to disgustingly rip the tape out of the machine because you refuse to watch the final 10 minutes of the film because it is really that bad… those movies are worth the hunt.

For us, PSYCHOS IN LOVE was that film.  Like we said, others like it, so tastes can vary.

The film tells the story of a woman who likes to date men (then kill them) who meets a guy who likes to date women (then kill them).  They fall in love, and find a plumber who likes to eat his clients.   A low-budget Eating Raoul, if you will.

Oh, and someone hate grapes.  It says so here in the script.

So let’s lay out some “worst film” criteria.  What do YOU think a film needs to be in order to qualify as the absolute worst of the worst?  “All films ever made” seems a little too broad for us here at Web Watch, so let’s try to narrow that down a little bit.

4 replies on “The Worst Movie of All Time”

You’re absolutely correct that while we here may not have cared for the film when we first saw it 20+ years ago, the film does have plenty of fans – as we also pointed out above. Thanks for the links showing the counterpoint.

Question: what would you list as qualifiers for “worst film”?

OK…fair enough…as for what I would list as qualifiers…I don’t think I could make such a list because an aspect that makes one film bad, might make another great. (Over-acting for instance is a benchmark of Mel Brooks’ best works.)

I also don’t know if I could even name a worst film of all time. The worst film I’ve seen in the past decade, easily SEVEN POUNDS…because “death by jellyfish” (or at least as portrayed in the film) was just the silliest ending imaginable to a film that took itself way too seriously.

And many films that seem bad, are really just dated, and often times difficult to watch. I personally hate films that deal with cancer. Does that make them bad? No. I just won’t watch them.

Films that don’t hold up well over time certainly qualify, especially if they were dated even before they were released.

Case in point: 1983’s Warrior of the Lost World. Definitely awful, especially the (“bad mothers”) talking motorcycle, as they tried to go for the Mad Max vibe and missed completely. View a clip of it being skewered on MST3K here:

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