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It’s True – Men Love Food More Than Sex

Leave it to those crazy Australians to prove, via a scientific study, that MEN LOVE FOOD MORE THAN SEX.

The survey of 10,000 people was conducted by Magnum ice cream, and asked Australians to rank everyday experiences as part of a “pleasure quotient test”, which asked the participants to rank items based on the frequency and intensity to which the individuals felt a pleasurable trigger.   (What does that mean?  Just ask UniSA adjunct senior lecturer of psychology Dr David Haynes.  He’ll explain it in detail if you need to know.)

In any case, when the results using the pleasure quotient scale were analyzed, it showed that men found more pleasure in food and in life than women did.

The number one answer that men gave?  “Taste”.

Number two was “personal accomplishment”. 

“The need to relax” came in third.

“Physical arousal (including sex)” came in fourth.