When you say you “love your car”, you mean you really LOVE your car

Herbie the Love Bug (French)
Herbie the Love Bug (French)

If someone asks you “how much do you love your car”, you shouldn’t be asking yourself whether the person is inquiring about whether you physically make love to your car, or just appreciate what your car brings to your life and well-being.

No, we don’t need to know about your lovelife with your car, no matter how much you like it’s fast moves and sleek lines.

But that’s not necessarily was discovered in RECENT STUDIES OF CAR LOVERS.  No, it looks like the folks at Jiffy Lube and had other things on their mind with their line of questioning.  Let’s take a look…

First, in a survey by, 29% of US drivers have “kissed or had other romantic contact” while driving.  (Of course this was from an insurance company.)  When you factor in whether the drivers were “highly educated/highly compensated”, then the percentage increases to 39%.

Second, the Jiffy Lube survey says that over 1/3 of US drivers have shown their cars affection by “rubbing the dashboard or steering wheel”.  More than 1/3 also “flirt” with their cars.  Web Watch will leave it to our readers’ imaginations as to what type of flirting occurs.