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Why not have sex at the office? Everyone else is doing it, so you should too

Boundaries in Dating
Boundaries in Dating

Web Watch knows many people who have dated, and even married, a co-worker.

Some say that the workplace is the ultimate place to find love, and the “work spouse” is not often the joke that it once was.  This is especially true in today’s world, where the workplace can eat up 1/3 to 1/2 of your day, meaning that you may be spending more time at work than you are at home, asleep.

Hey, it happens.

Which brings us to today’s survey from VAULT:  The 2011 OFFICE ROMANCE SURVEY:

  • 2.3% of men surveyed, and 15.4% of women, said that they have had “short term” flings with a co-worker
  • 22.2% of women are more likely to have a long-term, serious relationship with a co-worker, compared to men’s 14.7%.
  • In terms of whether a particular office romance was “acceptable” or not, 34% of those surveyed felt that if the participants were of different job levels (managerial), that would not be a good thing.  Other red flags to whether a couple should date or not included those who worked in the same department, worked on projects together, or were at the same office location.   11% said that office romances are NEVER acceptable, while 20% said that ALL office romances should be accepted
  • 72% of those surveyed said that they had a “work spouse”
  • 26% have dated a subordinate, while just 18% have dated their supervisor
  • When it comes to having sex at the office, 33% say that they have, with men being more likely to do so than women, 38% to 26%. 
  • 4% of those having sex at the office were caught in the middle of the act