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Can you summarize your favorite movie in 140 characters?

Can you SUMMARIZE YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE in 140 characters or less?

That’s the challenge that the NEW YORKER presented to their readers the other day.  More specifically, especially as STAR WARS celebrates its 35th birthday, readers needed to summarize the plot to STAR WARS.

All submitted to Twitter (which is really the only way to run a meme like this), here’s a sampling of what readers came up with:

Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock
Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

The winner was: ‘He killed your dad!’ ‘But he is my dad!’ ‘And you’re my sister!’ Beep beep  bloop.”

The best of the rest included:

  • farmboy, wizard and 2 droids enter a bar, they hire a scoundrel, save a princess, join a rebellion and defeat evil
  • Disaffected teenager joins religious cult, becomes terrorist, blows up military facility and kills millions of soldiers. Twice
  • Leia pleas,R2flees.Luke buys,Ben lies.Owen dies,Han flies.Leia cells,Luke disguise,Ben foretells,Ben dies.Vader spins,Luke wins
  • Evil guys with the proven ability to vaporize whole planets get exactly what they deserve while waiting to go AROUND a planet
  • Lured into terrorism by an aging religious fanatic aided by mercenaries, a boy flies a plane into a large government facility
  • PLACE? Space WHEN? Then BOTS? Lots WHO? Leia Luke 3PO & R2. &? Han &  Obiwan. WARS? Star. VS? Vader. END? Nada. WHY? SAGA
  • Whiny, but gifted, teenager trashes spiffy new military base
  • Man-Dog alien & wise-ass pirate help desert hermit & whiny apprentice  save thankless princess frm wheezy space wizard in black