People are hating Facebook more and more. (Google, we still love you)

Where do you spend most of you online time?

Are you more of a Google person, hanging out in Google Hangouts (naturally), Google News, GMail?

Or are you more of a Facebook wonk, poking everyone you can see, LIKEing stuff, checking out everybody’s wall throughout the day?

Facebook Logout: Experiences and Reasons to Leave it
Facebook Logout: Experiences and Reasons to Leave it

Would you believe that no matter how many of your friends say that they live 100% of the time on Facebook… no matter how much time you waste checking out all those posts… that FACEBOOK HAS A 58% FAVORABLE RATING among people surveyed about which of three companies they liked most, Google / Apple / Facebook?

That’s just barely half.  A smidge more than half those surveyed responded with favorable Facebook responses.

Google took the top prize, at 83% favorable.  Apple fared okay at 72% favorable.

Of course, if you were younger, you may feel closer to Facebook than those who were over 29-years-old, but that could be attributed to the younger generation’s general acceptance of social networks as a way of life… but there are signs that say that even Facebook is falling out of favor with those folks as well.

What about you?  If you had a preference, would you avoid Facebook altogether?