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Why do people love to buy clothes?

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Go to the mall on any given weekend, and you’ll see tons of people. But are they strolling and browsing, or actively shopping?

Well, if you believe what the polls are saying these days, WHERE YOU LIVE DICTATES HOW MUCH YOU LOVE (or hate) TO SHOP.

  • In India, 92% say they like shopping for clothes. 58% say they love it.
  • In the US, 39% say they like shopping for clothes.

Other countries where the majority of shoppers like clothes shopping are China, Singapore, Spain, Italy, and Great Britain.

And while many may like shopping, it’s shopping for brand names that really get people excited.  74% in India and 72% in China said that brand names were important.  On the other hand, 74% in the US said that brand names were not important to them when purchasing clothes.

So how important are brand names when it comes to a particular type of clothing?  There we see things are a bit more interesting.

In the US, shoe brands were most important, coming in at 46% of those surveyed.  Brands of jeans clocked in at 41% importance.  On the lower end of the scale, Americans were least concerned about brands of jewelry and handbags (both at 20%).  The rest of the world looks at jewelry brands as being much more important – China ranked it at 79%, India at 70%, and even Spain and Italy rated that at 25% and 31% respectively.

At least that explains why you see certain things in the duty-free shops at the airport now, doesn’t it?