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Everything you’ve always wanted to know about bird poop

Bird Poop Magnets
Bird Poo Magnets

Here at Web Watch, we’re always making sure that our readers are up to date with all the most important things on the Internet.

Today, we wanted to point out one site that should be at the top of your bookmark list, if only because they recently celebrated POOP WEEK.

10000 Birds is a site dedicated to birds. Bird facts come from all areas, so why not talk about bird doo?

Yeah, it’s nasty when you see it all over, but you’ve got to admire a blog that goes deep into its source material to find things to write about.  And to do a whole week on bird poop?  Wow.  Just wow.

Along the way, we’ve learned that bird poo comes in two parts – the white part and the black part — all due to the fact that birds have two different digestive tracts that process their food differently.  The black portion of bird poo would be similar to defecation from a mammal, while the white portion of bird poo equates to a mammal’s urine.

That’s right, birds don’t pee – at least, not in the traditional sense.  That’s because they don’t want to eliminate any more water than is absolutely necessary.

Web Watch learned all this in the post entitled WHAT IS BIRD POOP?.  Other interesting topics that were covered in POOP WEEK are the value of guano, what happens when birds barf, and how to tell if a nesting bird is ready to poop or not (you’re in luck – they even have action photos and a video of this for your education – you’ll never look at a proud American Eagle the same way again)

We told you – this was going to be everything you ever wanted to know about bird poop, but were afraid to ask.