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Poop the World

iPhone apps are either practical or fun.

POOP THE WORLD is an iPhone app that’s both.

Because everyone needs a way to track exactly where and what they pooped.

First, you need to select the type of poop that you had, along with the delicate fragrance you left behind (there are over 400 different combinations of type/smell to be had, in case you were wondering).

Then, flush your entry away so you can view your personal poop stats.  You can email your accomplishment to your friends and family, and you can even earn rewards for your poop.

Using the iPhone’s GPS technology, the exact location will be broadcast to the POOP THE WORLD website where you can see where other Poop the World users are pooping and see who you have to compete with in your poop-escapades.

We told you that iPhone apps can be practical AND fun.