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How much money do iPhone / iPad app developers make?

Build a iPhone App in Less than an Hour
Build a iPhone App in Less than an Hour

Have you ever wondered how much money an app developer makes for writing and selling an app via the Apple iTunes app store for the iPhone or iPad?

Maybe not as much money as you think.

Sure, there are tons of stories about the $10,000 a day that a fart app can make for its creators.  But that’s not the norm.

But Owen Goss decided to find out for sure by asking those who are actually making money from Apple customers.  And he found out about THE MONEY TO BE MADE BY BUILDING APPLE APPS.

And what he found is that there are two figures that you should look at when considering whether being an App Developer is the direction you want to go in.

What he found is that over the LIFETIME of an app, 50% of developers have made less than $3,000 total.  25% of app developers have made just $200 or less.

Then again, there are those superstars — 25% of app developers have made $30,000 or more from their apps…. with the rare ten percenters raking in almost $400,000.

But let’s take a look at the amount of money that apps have made in just the last 12 months — you know, when App Fever has taken over more so than when the iPhone was just introduced, now that people are comfortable with buying all sorts of apps.

50% of apps sold this year earned just $1,100 or less.  25% earned $10,675 or more this year.

In other words, while there is money to be made in selling mobile apps on an App Store, there isn’t enough money to support yourself… unless you’re the one to come up with the next Fart App.