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Now your poop can be like art, with all the colors of the rainbow

Girls Don't Poop
Girls Don’t Poop

Web Watch told you about Dr Stool a few years ago, where you can get all your poop questions that you never knew you had answered.

And if Dr Stool wasn’t enough, you could always head over to SMELLY POOP, an educational website that that answers the question, “What other colors of poop are possible?”

And according to them, you can get red, white, brown, yellow… even blue poop!  Yup, you really are what you eat, and any good physician will tell you that all they need to really diagnose any health issue that you may have it to analyze a stool sample.

Which brings us to today’s question: WHAT DOES YOUR POOP COLOR TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR HEALTH?

We know, it’s a weird question to ask — but here’s the fun of it:  you know how each fluid in your car is a different color (the antifreeze, the brake fluid, the transmission fluid, etc)?  That’s one way that mechanics can quickly identify what part is leaking when you bring your car in for a repair.

For example:

  • bright green: radiator fluid
  • light or dark brown: oil
  • bright blue: windshield washer fluid
  • light brown: axle fluid
  • red: power steering or transmission fluid
  • light yellow: brake fluid
  • amber: gas

So they’ve always said that cars are similar to our bodies — they both need food and regular upkeep to survive and last longer.

So when some scientists got together, they said, “why can’t our poop be color-coded to make diagnosis easier?”  So they formed E. CHROMI, a company that makes a bacteria-filled drink that can tell you specifically what ails you.

If your poop is the normal brown-ish color, then everything is OK.

But if your poop turns one of these different shades after drinking their special drink, then you may want to see the doctor:

  • Yellow: Colitis
  • Green: Colorectal Cancer
  • Blue: Worms
  • Purple: Stomach Ulcer
  • Purple: Salmonella
  • Red: Rotavirus

It’s definitely a neat idea – let your natural body processing tell you what’s wrong with you.   What will they think of next?