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Have a question about poop? Just ask Dr Stool…

Web Watch would like to introduce Web Watch readers to Josh Richman and Anish Sheth, MD, who collectively are known as DR STOOL.  (Web Watch will refrain from making any jokes about the two authors meeting while at Brown University, even if it is true.)

Josh and Anish have taken a practical approach to answering all manner of poo-related questions and have released a book entitled WHAT’S YOUR POO TELLING YOU? and a companion piece WHAT’S MY PEE TELLING ME?.

No question is too risque or inappropriate for Josh and Anish, who answer a wide variety of questions about poo in a medically-sound, yet entertaining manner in the books and on their DR STOOL website. 

And yes, they even cover the infamous “corn” topic.

Some of the poo-related and pee-related comments they make include:

  • Increasing fiber intake may not be enough to become regular; try drinking 6-8 glasses of water as well.
  • Three reasons for the dreaded “painful poo” include the “Monster Poo”, the “Ring of Fire”, and the “Chinese Star”.  All of these are technical poo-related medical terms, we’re sure, and not something simply made up for the book’s casual reader.
  • The color of your poo DOES mean something.  For example  red = internal bleeding, yellow = too much fat in your diet, green = a likely bacterial infection.  In other words, your poo should be brown. 
  • Only 50% of the world’s population has ever experienced “Asparagus Pee”

In the books, they cover all these facts and dispel various poo and pee myths as well. Web Watch can’t think of any book that would make for better bathroom reading.

And since you were wondering but were afraid to ask, we’ll let Dr Stool answer this for us: the average American male generates just over 9000 pounds of poo over the course of his lifetime.