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Do the math: Warren Beatty slept with a woman every 1.17 days

STAR: How Warren Beatty Seduced America

In Peter Biskind’s new book about Warren Beatty, STAR: HOW WARREN BEATTY SEDUCED AMERICA, we learn that Warren Beatty has allegedly slept with over 12,000 different women.

Approximately 12,775 – if you believe what the book says.

While there may be some Web Watch readers who will applaud Warren for coming anywhere close to even 1/4 of that number, there will be a large number of folks who will believe that Warren has completed all those conquests… and more… without question.

And that is where Web Watch can step in.  Because bedding 12,775 partners seems a bit over-achieving to us.

And apparently, we’re not alone in this thinking.

Lisa Todorovich agrees with us, and has DONE THE MATH TO VERIFY IF WARREN BEATTY COULD ACTUALLY HAVE DONE THE DEED in the first place.

Ms Todorovich breaks it down to the simplest of terms:  how many days has Warren Beatty been alive and sexually active? 

Painting with a fairly broad brush, and taking into account some marital fidelity, she comes up with 14,965 days (or one partner every 1.17 days for 41 years).  Her verdict after doing the math?

It’s plausible. 

Web Watch would add, “…but unlikely” to that conclusion.  Gatorade hasn’t been around that long to make it completely possible, if you get our drift.