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How much do paparazzi photographers make per celebrity photo?

Lady Gaga Paparazzi Remix
Lady Gaga Paparazzi Remix

Have you ever wondered exactly how much money a celebrity photo from a paparazzi photographer is worth?

For some, not a whole heck of a lot of money.  For others, it can make that lucky photographer’s year.

Disney Gambling

Disney star Miley Cyrus is making gambling fun

Hannah Montana - Miley Cyrus Movie
Hannah Montana – The Movie

Miley Cyrus is making gambling fun.

More specifically, gambling websites is making fun of Miley Cyrus and her recent exploits.

By now, you’ve probably seen celebrity gossip site TMZ reporting that a VIDEO OF MILEY CYRUS SMOKING A BONG (albeit a bong containing salvia, a natural herb that is not considered illegal) has been making the rounds.

Book News

Do the math: Warren Beatty slept with a woman every 1.17 days

STAR: How Warren Beatty Seduced America

In Peter Biskind’s new book about Warren Beatty, STAR: HOW WARREN BEATTY SEDUCED AMERICA, we learn that Warren Beatty has allegedly slept with over 12,000 different women.

Approximately 12,775 – if you believe what the book says.

While there may be some Web Watch readers who will applaud Warren for coming anywhere close to even 1/4 of that number, there will be a large number of folks who will believe that Warren has completed all those conquests… and more… without question.

And that is where Web Watch can step in.  Because bedding 12,775 partners seems a bit over-achieving to us.

And apparently, we’re not alone in this thinking.


Like Blind Item Celebrity Gossip? So Do We!

CELEBRITY BLIND ITEMS are those little teases you might see in US or People magazines, or the tabloid section of your favorite local newspaper (such as Page 6 for you New Yorkers).

While they won’t tell you exactly who the gossip is about, the blind item usually gives enough information for the reader to figure out on their own who the gossip-worthy celebrity is.


Glamorati: for the Celeb-Obsessed Fans

The Glamorati blog has a few choice articles for you celeb-obsessed fans.

  • 20 actors that turned down big roles. Oh, what could have been… Alec Baldwin as The Fugitive? Molly Ringwald in Ghost? John Travolta as Forrest Gump?
  • 30 actors who didn’t get the part. And for this, we say “thank you”. Jessica Alba in Daredevil. Nicholas Cage in The Breakfast Club. Brad Pitt as Willy Wonka.
  • 45 celebrity dropouts – some you could have guessed, and others you’d be surprised at. Jessica Simpson, Prince, Simon Cowell, and Tom Cruise are all on the list