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This is news? Couple tries to make love 30 days in a row… and fails

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A couple in England thought that they’d reignite the spark in their 12-year marriage by vowing to each other that they were going to MAKE LOVE EVERY DAY FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH.

The pros of such an arrangement vastly outnumber the cons — it will bring the couple closer together by increasing the number of intimate moments, it reminds the couple of why they decided to get married in the first place (not for the sex, but for the companionship it brings), and a rekindling of the initial passion that the relationship had at its beginning but found waning due to other responsibilities that married life and work bring to the table.

In other words, general growing up.So Sarah and Colin attempted to have sex every day for a month, and documented it for our amusement.

Web Watch will leave it to our readers to click over for the sorrid details of who did what to whom and when and how – including such wonderful quotes as “quick, otherwise it won’t count”, and “I need my sleep”.

Suffice it to say, Sarah and Colin only manage to have sex 25 out of 28 days.  Not too shabby.

Which brings up this question that the below video should be able to answer:
what happens if you literally try to make love to a woman all night long?