Like Blind Item Celebrity Gossip? So Do We!

CELEBRITY BLIND ITEMS are those little teases you might see in US or People magazines, or the tabloid section of your favorite local newspaper (such as Page 6 for you New Yorkers).

While they won’t tell you exactly who the gossip is about, the blind item usually gives enough information for the reader to figure out on their own who the gossip-worthy celebrity is.

Unfortunately, sometimes the gossip being offered is for some C-list celebrity that nobody ever heard of, or the hints in the blind item are too vague to give anyone a chance to figure out who is who.

That’s why you need to turn to CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS: BLIND ITEMS REVEALED! to get not just the blind item, but who the blind item is referring to.

Take this one about an NFL player, for example

A former MVP winning NFL player recently paid to have 70 underprivileged children and their families flown to Walt Disney World for a vacation. He picked up the entire cost for everything with no sponsor help and no publicity for himself.

Who was it?   Kurt Warner

See how much fun that was?  No messy guesswork needed.