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Disney star Miley Cyrus is making gambling fun

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Miley Cyrus is making gambling fun.

More specifically, gambling websites is making fun of Miley Cyrus and her recent exploits.

By now, you’ve probably seen celebrity gossip site TMZ reporting that a VIDEO OF MILEY CYRUS SMOKING A BONG (albeit a bong containing salvia, a natural herb that is not considered illegal) has been making the rounds.

With all the hype around Lindsay Lohan’s trials and tribulations, gossip sites and fans are all wondering what Miley is going to do next to try and shake her Disney-based image.  Web Watch doesn’t see why being a part of the Disney marketing machine is a bad thing — while Lindsay and Miley seem to be doing everything in their power to specifically distance themselves from where they once were, being a part of the Disney organization growing up has not seemed to negatively affect Ryan Gosling or Justin Timberlake.  Sure, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera went their own way after the Mickey Mouse Club folded, but nobody is looking at them today as representations of where the Disney Image has failed.   Success must make our memories shorter.

But we digress – back to Miley and her new-found bong habit (recalling that pot-related TV commercial: “I learned it from you, Dad. I learned it from YOU!”).  Online gambling website BOOKMAKER has released the following odds for people to bet on regarding WHAT ABOUT MILEY WILL BE ANNOUNCED NEXT:

  • She was actually smoking pot (+300)
  • She will admit she has a substance abuse problem (+550)
  • She will be admitted into the Betty Ford Clinic (+600)
  • Miley is dropped from her record label (+550)
  • Miley’s next movie – SO UNDERCOVER – will be put on hold (+600)
  • The LA Sheriff Department will announce an investigation (-1000)