America has chosen the best (and worst) celebrity couples of 2010

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

There’s a reason why the gossip magazines are around – it’s a way for the everyday consumer to escape into a world of celebrity and the high life.

But no matter how much we may wish that we were a celebrity – let’s face it, celebrities have the same relationship issues that us regular folk have.  They just get other people to write about it.

Which brings us to a recent survey by CHEMISTRY.COM.  In it, they polled their site users about various aspects of dating and celebrity couple-dom.  Here is what they found in their CELEBRITIES IN LOVE WRAP-UP for 2010

  • Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones was named the “Favorite Celebrity Couple” of 2010
  • The “most shocking breakup of 2010” went to Tipper and Al Gore (who just barely beat out Sandra Bullock and Jesse James)
  • 2010’s “most disappointing spouse” was Mel Gibson
  • While Chelsea Handler was named the “sexiest TV host”, she was also named as the “most mismatched couple of the year” with 50 Cent.

As for looking towards 2011:

  • Courtney Cox and David Arquette is the ex-couple that the respondents felt still had a “chance to rekindle their love in 2011”.
  • Christina Applegate took the “Coolest Mother in 2011” honors
  • “Most likely to marry in 2011” was given to Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, while “Most likely to break-up in 2011” was selected for Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

Finally, the celebrity that America most wants to see hook-up and have a new, steady relationship is Jennifer Anniston