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Not all honey is created equal: do you know what’s in YOUR honey?

Organic Rainforest Honey
Organic Rainforest Honey

Do you know what’s in YOUR jar of honey that’s in your pantry?

Chances are, you just went to the store and purchased whatever honey was on the shelf and brought it home, without bothering to worry about what is actually in that cute plastic bear squeeze bottle.

And since honey is one food that doesn’t spoil, chances are that you’ve had that same jar of honey for a few years — and doesn’t it look just as crystal clear now as it did when you first purchased it?


Four Ways That Grocery Stores Make Their Money via Pricing

The Corner Grocery

If you’re trying to save money at the grocery store – and these days, who isn’t? – then it might change your shopping habits if you knew about the FOUR WAYS THAT GROCERY STORES WORK THEIR PRICING in order to maximize their own profits.

Sure, you can use coupons and scan the sales circular for deals, but to really help cut your food budget you may need to adjust where you do your shopping instead.