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We’ve got the ultimate list of tacky Christmas light displays right here

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About 20 years ago, Web Watch was lucky enough to attend a Toys for Tots benefit event, where each new, unwrapped toy allowed you to hop onto a beaten-up school bus with 40 other people and a keg of beer, and drive all over the countryside looking at the area’s craziest Christmas light displays for an hour.

Along the way, the bus driver got lost in the boonies, and the 60-minute scheduled trip ended up taking three hours (requiring an extra stop at a late-night liquor store for additional road supplies and a much-needed bathroom stop).  Needless to say, we did our own Tacky Light Tour the following year with much better success at getting home on time.

Fast-forward 20 years, and we can see how the Internet has really changed things dramatically when it comes to viewing Christmas light displays.

First, there’s no chance that we’ll get lost.

Second, with sites like TACKY LIGHT TOUR helping us map out the ultimate tacky holiday light road-trip, we’re guaranteed to maximize our enjoyment while minimizing our travel time across the country.

Just plug in your ZIP Code or zoom in on the interactive map, you can identify which houses are going to be the most interesting in terms of number of lights, inflatables, and overall animations.   Web Watch understands that some of the information presented may be a bit dated, but one would think that a home that makes it onto the TACKY LIGHT TOUR website in 2009 would also show up in 2010 and beyond.

So go on out and see who got nockled.