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How to make the Ultimate Road Trip Mixtape

Web Watch is certain we’ve written aboutHOW TO MAKE THE ULTIMATE ROADTRIP MIXTAPEpreviously, but needless to say, if it’s our archive of thousands of links we’ve covered over the years, that posting is sadly lost.  (If it ever turns up, we’ll be sure to link it from here – you know, just for closure.)

Besides, if true, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve written about a particular website more than once in the annals of Web Watch history.

I Mix What I Like! A Mixtape Manifesto
I Mix What I Like! A Mixtape Manifesto

So here we are today, to discuss an incredibly helpful way to MAKE THE ULTIMATE MIXTAPE.

Courtesy of The Echo Nest, all you need to do is enter in your starting point of your road trip and where you’re trying to go.  The key difference is that The Roadtrip Mixtape application will be populating songs into your playlist based on where you’re driving through at that specific moment in your road trip.

As they say on their site, if you’re driving through Boston, you’ll hear Aerosmith.  Driving through New Orleans, you’ll likely hear Dr. John or other New Orleans-based artists.

The whole idea is to flavor your trip with the sounds of what you’re hearing around you.

In one way, it’s really no different from when you used to listen to the local radio stations as you drove across the country.  Each station would represent that particular area’s flavor and interests, and as you drove out of one station’s broadcast area and into another, you picked up a different local vibe that you didn’t have 20 minutes ago.

Roadtrip Mixtape is just a different extension of that same ideal.  Sad that it has to be an online offering, taking away the joy of turning that radio dial to tune in the next station down the road, but times change – and so must the way that our music discovery occurs.