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Are you super fat? You can make $90,000 a year by doing practically nothing

What one pound of fat looks like
Model replica of one-pound of fat

Being fat isn’t necessarily good for you.

But Donna Simpson made it work for her.

How?  Donna Simpson was the Guinness World Record holder for “World’s Heaviest Mother” and clocked in at 600 lbs on her 5’2″ frame.

Yeah, that’s a lot of woman.  And we’re sure that Web Watch readers are asking the same thing — when you weigh 600lbs, what can you do to earn a living? It certainly can’t be easy manuevering around a workplace when you’re that big.

Well, you could do what Donna did.

She started her own member’s only website, where she made $90,000 a year from people who would sign up in order to look at half-naked pictures of her, sitting around or eating.   Breaking down the numbers, it’s really not crazy talk — just 375 people who pay $20/month will bring in $90k gross in 12 months.

$90,000 a year.  For doing nothing more than sitting at home and doing whatever you feel like doing.   Web Watch applauds Donna for this business initiative. 

But like all good things, everything has to come to an end at some time, and it looks like Donna’s website will be changing soon – Donna recently announced that she had a new goal, one to become healthier so she could better take care of her children.  Her goal is to get to 370 pounds (with the help of a doctor, of course), and to do it with proper diet and exercise. 

Who knows, maybe she’ll find out that she can make even more money with her website as health-oriented people become inspired by her journey and want to track it with her along the way.  Let’s hope that she can do what she’s set out to do.

And can get more than 375 people to sign up to watch her succeed.  That would be money well spent.