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Brianna Garcia’s Disney Princess artwork continues to inspire real-life photos

Brianna Garcia is famous in Disney Princess circles for her inspirational drawing entitled SMILE FOR THE CAMERA.  If you recall, Web Watch has written about Brianna and her cartoon drawing inspirations in the past:  Brianna Garcia’s Disney Princess art gallery inspires real-life Princess photo

It ends up that the SEXY DISNEY PRINCESSES are continuing to MAKE FUNNY FACES in front of the camera:

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People who talk to computers are idiots

If Web Watch were to mention the name Randy Pausch to you, chances are you wouldn’t know who we were talking about off the top of your head.

But if we were to mention that Randy was the Carnegie-Mellon professor who wrote the book The Last Lecture, then maybe that would help ring a bell for you.  If you haven’t taken the time to read the book or watch the phenomenal documentary on The Last Lecture, then Web Watch strongly encourages you to stop whatever you’re doing right now and do so.

We’ll wait.

Just let us know when you’ve gotten back and we’ll continue…