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The popularity of different computer operating systems

How popular is your computer’s OS?  Are you still holding onto that old Windows 2000 or Windows ME relic “just because”?

Or are you just waiting to see what the next big thing out there happens to be, and will switch to that after it’s stable?

Would you believe us if we told you that METRICS FROM JULY 2014 show us the COMPUTER OS USAGE STATISTICS that should help tell you whether you’re leading the pack on the cutting edge, or holding the rest of us back with your dinosaur.

MICROSOFT WINDOWS continues to lead the pace, with over 75% of the total OS marketshare.

The breakdown makes more sense:

  • Win7 – 51%
  • WinXP – still holding strong with 25%
  • Win8 – 6.5%

The most popular iOS version is Max OS X 10.9, with just 4.12% of marketshare.  Sure you have a ton of freaks using FreeBSD and Linux, but you’re talking the low single digits all the way down to a reported 0.0% for all these other variations on a theme.

So for all the talk that Apple folks give out about their superiority, they’re still under 7% of total marketshare (if our math is correct).

Is there anything wrong with Windows?  Apparently not.  Keep on, keeping on – that’s what we say.  Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

But at least get off of Win95. Nobody needs that crap anymore.