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One way to get hundreds of dollars of merchandise – absolutely free!

Absolutely Free!
Absolutely Free!

Tom Locke had a vision a few years ago.

He went and bought himself a roll of 100 stamps, costing him $39.

Then Tom said to himself, “why spend $39 on a roll of stamps if I’m not really going to get anything for it?”  He likened this purchase to walking into a casino and spending $39 on a slot machine or blackjack table.  Where’s the cost-benefit of spending that much money on stamps?

So Tom decided to try a $39 EXPERIMENT.  He took those 100 stamps and pasted them onto 100 envelopes.

Then he wrote 100 different letters to each of 100 different companies, all asking them to send him something — anything, at the company’s discretion – for free.  In some cases, he did ask for a specific item, such as a keychain.  Other times, he left the option completely open.

Then he mailed those letters and sat back to wait for the replies (all documented on the site).

The end result of his initial $39 investment?  35 of the 100 corporate America companies sent Tom over $272 worth of coupons and merchandise ranging from $25 in pet food to a few temporary tattoo stickers.

Your challenge?  Given the same 100 letter limit, what’s the maximum amount of loot that YOU can swing from corporate America using the same no-pressure tactic that Tom used? 

Challenge accepted?  Post your results below…