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Awesome bad ads over at You Suck at CraigsList

Wanted: Bear Cubs for my Children - 100 Of the Weirdest CraigsList Ads
Wanted: Bear Cubs for my Children – 100 Of the Weirdest CraigsList Ads

Sure thing – maybe “you can buy and live in million dollar homes, or obtain Corvettes or other cars and trucks with no credit and no money down…..always using Craigslist”.

Or maybe you want to not be an idiot when posting your own ad on CraigsList.

But if you really want to use CraigsList and not make a fool of yourself, what you need to do is study YOU SUCK AT CRAIGSLIST, especially the helpful “things not to do” list presented as the SUCKIEST CRAIGSLIST ADS EVER.

Hey, Web Watch thinks CraigsList – when done right – is a great place to get rid of the old junk.  You just have to be careful of all the unmoderated crazies that are out there.

Crazies, you say?  Yes — like this one:

Jedi Warrior seeks Same

Wanted one Jedi warrior (Sith or otherwise) to participate in ongoing and constant lightsaber duels. Must be tireless, willing to fight with second or third best light saber and never take the wrong guy. If my 5 year old Jedi wants to be Darth Vader then you have to be someone else. Must be able to make many cool noises and introduce cool movies without being overbearing or intimidating. Must expect to fall down on the floor and die many times. Must never stop playing. Must never show in interest in something that occurred anywhere except a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

No weirdos.

“No weirdos.”  Gotcha.