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10 Tips on How to Write Good

Writing well will get you through much of life.

If we could go back in time to take our middle school, high school, or even college classes again, we might be tempted to take more writing courses. Or at least pay attention a bit more in class.

The ability to write well is the cornerstone of communication, even when you’re looking at 140-character limitations on your latest tweet.  To compose the ideal tweet, knowing how to write is vital – or else you’re just going to look like any other crazy Twitter user.

The Book on Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well
The Book on Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well

That being said, Web Watch is wondering how many people will stop by to correct this post’s bad grammar (“write good” vs “write well”), without realizing that it was done on purpose.

But all good writers should aspire to at least adhere to some BASIC RULES FOR GOOD WRITING, which piggybacks on what WEB WATCH SHARED a while back concerning HOW TO WRITE LIKE HEMINGWAY.

What are some of those basic writing rules?

  • Use excalamation points sparingly!!!!!!!    Which means that every “THANKS!” reply message you send back is one explanation point too many.  The exclamation point should be banned from 99% of all corporate emails.
  • Don’t use anything other than “said” when writing dialogue.
  • Don’t describe the characters. Let the reader decide for themselves what the characters look like.

And our favorite piece of writing advice:

  • Leave out the part that readers tend to skip