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Robin Thicke asks: What rhymes with “Hug Me”?

By now, you’re probably sick of hearing THE SONG OF THE SUMMER: BLURRED LINES.

Don’t remember what it sounds like?  Take a look at the NSFW version of the music video here:

Feel a little more conservative? There’s always the RADIO-FRIENDLY, FAMILY-FRIENDLY version here. It’s really not the same, is it?

Blurred Lines (The Remixes)
Blurred Lines (The Remixes)

So now that you’ve been reminded of the Awesome Lyrics that BLURRED LINES contains, you can poke over to the website that ANSWERS ROBIN THICKE’s QUESTION: WHAT RHYMES WITH HUG ME?

Yeah, it’s a one-off joke.  But keep clicking refresh to see all the answers.  It’s a great way to kill an hour.