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Compare your SAT score to a celebrity’s SAT score

How well did you do on your SAT as you were applying for college?

For some, their SAT scores were pitiful – often discussed in subsequent college or job interviews by someone who “just doesn’t test well”.

Yes, the SAT can be a numbing experience, and there can be a lot of pressure on folks to do well as a lot of future plans rely on the SAT for advancing beyond mediocrity.

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Which university has the highest tuition?

Did you go to college (or, if you’re a snob, “university”)?

If you did, who paid for your tuition?  Were your parents able to take on a second mortgage and foot the bill for your four … or five… year stint?  Did you cover the cost yourself?

Student loans are awful, there’s no doubt about it.  But have you ever wondered if maybe you had attended a different, lower priced, school to get the same degree, that having that extra cushion of money available would have made a difference in your post-collegiate life?

Is College Worth It?: A Former United States Secretary of Education and a Liberal Arts Graduate Expose the Broken Promise of Higher Education
Is College Worth It?:
A Former United States Secretary of Education and a Liberal Arts Graduate
Expose the Broken Promise of Higher Education


The number one reason why teenagers should never date

We were all teenagers once.

And come Springtime, they say, is when a young heart turns to finding love.   Well, maybe not “love” per se, but how about “strong like”?

Being a teenager is a tough time with lots of challenges due to the lack of experience that being in ones’ twenties gives you the proper perspective on.  Adults may not always have all the answers, but they’ve lived through the same struggles that teenagers are going through today – if only the teens in their lives would think to ask for that advice.

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It’s the latest trend in preschool: the group potty party!

Web Watch was chatting with one of our friends the other day about troubles he was having with his 2-year-old in daycare.

And it wasn’t so much that the 2-year-old was causing trouble or that the daycare the child was in wasn’t doing their job — it was more an issue with one specific activity that this particular daycare thought was an important part of a young child’s education.

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How much money do doctors make an hour?

They say that doctors make a ton of money.

And some really do.

But after you take into consideration the many long hours that they put into education and refining their skills and knowledge, some would say that its relatively fair compensation for what they have to go through to be able to fix us when things go horribly wrong physically.

Really, would you want a doctor that wasn’t highly compensated taking care of your body?


It’s true: Popular Kids Will Earn More Money After Graduation

Remember the old adage “nice guys finish last”?

It ends up that it’s not always true.  Especially when you replace the word “nice” with “popular”.  Because weren’t the most popular kids in school the nicest ones?  (Don’t answer that… just go with the concept here).

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Um, what’s YOUR “crutch word”?

A while back, Web Watch told you about how much we hate certain words – like “mancave” and “actually”.

It ends up that there’s a reason why some of these words really suck – and it’s not because some of these phrases are just stupid made-up things (“vajayjay”) that serve no purpose when other, more practical words can suffice.

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Whatcha doing on October 6th? Why not take the Caine’s Arcade “Cardboard Challenge”?

Hopefully by now, you’ve heard the story about Caine Monroy and the arcade he made in his dad’s shop, where all the games were made entirely out of cardboard.

No?  It’s a phenomenal story.  Here – watch this, then continue…