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The worst graduation rates at public universities

Attending college is one thing (especially if you choose to attend one of PLAYBOY’S TOP PARTY SCHOOLS).

But graduating college?  That’s something else entirely (especially if you choose to participate significanly at one of PLAYBOY’S TOP PARTY SCHOOLS).

Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want
Life After College:
The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want

Because let’s face it – some schools are much better at graduating students than others.

Web Watch does have a fairly reasonable theory on this – there are some very good schools that students attend for two or three years, and then they transfer out to a different school for their last year…. and for the school’s name on the diploma.  The reasons behind why a student would want to do this can run the gamut: desire to graduate from a specific school, attending a local school can cut costs significantly before switching elsewhere, or even if the local school doesn’t offer a degree in what you’re looking for.

Regardless of the reasons behind these numbers, there is no hiding the fact that there has to be a university at the bottom of the list for graduation rates.  The unanswered question is why students are transferring out rather than completing their college career at the school they’ve spent so much time at.

So here is a list of WORST GRADUATION RATES at public universities, as compiled by THE FISCAL TIMES.

  • Southern University at New Orleans, Louisiana (4%)
  • University of the District of Columbia, Washington D.C (7.7%)
  • Kent State University, East Liverpool Ohio (8.9%)
  • Rogers State University, Claremore Oklahoma (11.5%)
  • Texas Southern University, Houston TX (13.3%)

Rounding out the top 11 (bottom 11?) graduating universities was a Baltimore-area school with a graduation rate of just 16.3%.

So check out this range in just 11 schools – from 4% to 16.3% graduating rates.  Less than 20% of all students, at best, are completing their degree at these schools.

So look around your class.  Is that person going to be you?  Or the person sitting next to you?