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Playboy’s List of Top Party Schools

Playboy started publishing a list of the TOP PARTY SCHOOLS back in 1987. That list was created from surveys of students, and was fairly straightforward. 15 years later in 2002, Playboy published an updated Top Party Schools list.

For their first list in 1987, Playboy surveyed “club leaders, dorm rush chairmen, fraternity presidents, and other campus socialites” at more than 250 college campuses across the country, and compiled this student-generated list of which schools were the BIGGEST PARTY SCHOOLS at the time. 

 Here are the 40 entries on PLAYBOY’S 1987 LIST OF TOP PARTY SCHOOLS:

  1. California State University, Chico
  2. University of Miami
  3. San Diego State University
  4. University of Vermont
  5. Slippery Rock University
  6. University of Connecticut
  7. West Virginia University
  8. Plymouth State College (NH)
  9. Mercer University (GA)
  10. University of Virginia
  11. State University of New York, Cortland
  12. Colorado State University
  13. Arizona State University
  14. University of Nevada
  15. Boston University
  16. Central Michigan University
  17. Southern Illinois University
  18. Ball State University
  19. Oklahoma State University
  20. Central Connecticut State University
  21. University of Maryland (College Park)
  22. University of Mississippi
  23. West Georgia College
  24. University of Texas, Austin
  25. MIT
  26. University of Kansas
  27. Kansas State University (KSU)
  28. Glassboro State College
  29. University of Florida
  30. Eastern Kentucky
  31. University of Iowa
  32. University of Oklahoma
  33. Brown University
  34. Ohio University (Athens)
  35. University of Massachusetts (Amherst)
  36. University of Georgia (UGA)
  37. Louisiana State University (LSU)
  38. University of Missouri
  39. Reed College
  40. Fairhaven College

The 1987 listing of Top 40 Party Colleges in Playboy Magazine also listed these “honorable mention” schools:

  • Auburn
  • Clemson
  • Columbia
  • Dartmouth
  • Georgetown
  • Iowa State
  • Kent State
  • Michigan State (MSU)
  • Penn State
  • Purdue
  • Rutgers
  • Trinity College
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Colorado (Boulder)
  • University of Rhode Island
  • University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

We may never know why it took Playboy 15 years to generate a new list of the top party schools for 2002, but it seemed important enough for Playboy to turn their list of Top Party Schools into a semi-regular feature.

This is Playboy’s list of the TOP PARTY SCHOOLS FOR 2002:

  1. Arizona State University
  2. California State at Chico
  3. Rollins College (FL)
  4. Louisiana State University
  5. West Virginia University
  6. University of Colorado
  7. University of Wisconsin
  8. University of Connecticut
  9. University of Kansas
  10. San Diego State University

The 2002 list was compiled based on write-in votes from over 1,500 students. 

Other schools that made the Top 25 Party School list include #16 University of Florida, #19 East Carolina, #22 University of California – Santa Barbara, and #23 Lehigh University.  Honorable Mentions went to Pennsylvania State University, University of Pittsburgh, and Slippery Rock University.

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