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It’s the world’s first Potty Training Restaurant!

Kimberly Decker from Utah is fast with her camera phone.

She was having a nice, leisurely meal with her family when she noticed another customer at the Thanksgiving Point Deli do something a bit more unusual than merely pull up a high chair for their child to sit in to eat.

Potty Power!
Potty Power!

Kimberly noticed that instead of using a high chair, the family across the way was POTTY TRAINING THEIR CHILD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESTAURANT.

Web Watch knows that public facilities are putting diaper changing tables and unisex “family” restrooms all over the place, but we can only imagine the horror that Kimberly felt at seeing a child tinkle away just feet away from where she was trying to eat.

These are things that you wouldn’t even want to see at your own home, so why should parents feel that they can get away with the same concept at a restaurant?  Even giving the other family the benefit of the doubt, one would think that they would at least take the child to the restroom to do their thing… or even set the potty up in the back of their car.

Web Watch sees this as no different from parents of newborn kids who decide to place their kids — dirty diaper and all — into the vegetable scales at the grocery store as a quick way to see if their infant is growing.

That’s right – the same vegetable scale that you use to weigh your tomatoes just had baby feces all over it.

Just another friendly reminder that you should always wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them, as you not only don’t know where they’ve been – you don’t know who else may be putting their butt where your food is.