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It’s the latest trend in preschool: the group potty party!

Web Watch was chatting with one of our friends the other day about troubles he was having with his 2-year-old in daycare.

And it wasn’t so much that the 2-year-old was causing trouble or that the daycare the child was in wasn’t doing their job — it was more an issue with one specific activity that this particular daycare thought was an important part of a young child’s education.

The Potty Party Method!
The Potty Party Method

We’ve all heard about POTTY PARTIES, where proud parents cheer on their little one’s efforts to fill a potty to the rim.

If done with enough encouragement and excitement, successful parents with this method can claim to completely potty-train their child in a day or less (at the very least, less than a week).

Fine.  We get that.   Certainly something to try to do at one’s home.  Unless you just want to PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE FACE for throwing a potty party for their kid. (“why let the younger kids have all the fun when you could throw a Period Party!”)

But Web Watch has no reason not to believe what our friend was telling us about how the preschool was doing their own GROUP POTTY PARTY every day.

Hey, we all miss daycare.  Every adult wishes that there could be nap time and cookie breaks every day while at the office.

But a group circle potty training session did sound a bit weird to us.

At the GROUP POTTY TRAINING session, all the toddlers gather in a circle in the middle of the room, drop their pants, and all sit on their potties together.  Boys and girls, peeing together in perfect harmony — one would hope.

The school provides the potties, the parents just have to help reinforce this activity at home so the children don’t forget what they learned in class.

Yeah, something about this new activity just seems… well, weird.

So tell us, Web Watch readers — have you encountered this type of GROUP POTTY TRAINING yourself anywhere?  It seems too unusual to be overly widespread, but we’d love to hear what you know. Tell us your version of this in the comments below…