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7 Ideas for a Teen Date – and one way to keep their hands to themselves

8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter
Eight Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter

Because others think that Web Watch knows everything, they often turn to us looking for answers to questions that we really wouldn’t think that we would have any basis of expertise in.

Case in point – we were visiting with old friends when their teenage daughter stopped by the kitchen to say hi on her way out the door for a date.  As she chatted with everyone, the question came up about where teens go on for a date in today’s environment.  We don’t know why everyone thought that we would have an answer to this, and our friend’s daughter wasn’t offering any suggestions herself.

But we did pull up this site with some ideas: SEVEN BEST IDEAS FOR A TEENAGE DATE.  We read down the list, and they seemed to be relatively reasonable:

  1. Bowling
  2. Bike Riding
  3. Making dinner together at home
  4. Go cookie crazy
  5. Ice skate
  6. ….

Hang on a moment.

“Go cookie crazy”?  This sounds familiar.

This is a really cool idea! Go around to your neighbors house and collect ingredients to make cookies. Then head back to your house and bake them! The guys may not enjoy the baking part, but I guarantee they will like the eating part! After you’ve enjoyed a few cookies yourself, go back and share some with all of your neighbors who contributed ingredients. This will be fun for everyone involved!

Bake cookies.  For a date.  Where have I heard this before?  Hmmmmm….

A friend of Web Watch’s was setup on a blind date a few years ago.  Afterwards, he  told us what a great time his date was: they had some dinner, watched some TV, baked some cookies.  From all accounts, a pleasant evening.

A few days later, we heard the story from her perspective:  they had some dinner, they watched some TV…. and when a guy gets too touchy-feely, she forces them to bake cookies… so they have something to do with their hands, she said.

Something tells me this list of teen dating ideas was written by an overly protective parent, and not the teenagers themselves.