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Things not to talk about on a date

How to Get a Date
How to Get a Date

In today’s Facebook and Twitter world, everbody is used to sharing (and oversharing) everything about themselves.  Status updates abound, with every little detail / complaint / success / feeling being sent out onto the Internet for the entire population to see — and possibly comment on.

Which is why, when it comes to dating – especially the first date – there are still some rules that should be reviewed as a reminder of what does…and doesn’t…make good first date conversation.

Here are some THINGS NOT TO TALK ABOUT ON A FIRST (or second, or even third) DATE:

  • Any previous relationship.  Yes, everyone has an ex of some type, but you’re not out on a date with them right now, are you?   You can have the “how many people have you slept with” conversation later… like when you’re actually planning on doing the deed.  But for now, leave that topic behind.
  • Your mom.  Even if you’re from the South, where MOMMA’S BOYS ARE MOST OFTEN FROM.  She’s important, but you’re not dating her either. Since Web Watch knows you’re curious about this, 42% of men from Alabama talk to their mom every day.  Here are the states with the highest percentages of sons talking to their mothers on a regular basis (not necessarily daily):
    • Alabama – 72%
    • Tennessee – 69%
    • Louisiana – 64%
    • Georgia – 61%
    • Utah – 55%
    • Kansas – 53%
    • Virginia – 41%
    • Florida – 27%
    • Alaska – 24%
    • Maine – 41%
  • Financial problems.  Everyone has some sort of money issue, but don’t scare off your date this early in a possible relationship.  Besides, she’s going to be wondering whether she should be paying for dinner tonight.
  • Stripper stories.  Unless, of course, you’re on a first date with a stripper.
  • Family baggage.  Unless your mom was a stripper to solve some family financial problem. With that, you have a fascinating story.

Of course, the conversation portion of the evening is just half the battle.  Picking a good first date location is difficult, beyond the less-than-original “dinner and a movie” concept.  But at least have more than one activity planned, and be willing to completely alter your plans if she decides that she wants to do something else entirely. 

And don’t answer your phone or check your Blackberry.  You want her to think that she’s the most important thing in the room to you.  Remember, women almost always know within the first five minutes of meeting a possible suitor whether or not they will be sealing the deal.   So don’t blow it because you need to check your buddies’ Facebook statuses.