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2014’s Top Ten MOST SOBER Party Schools

A PARTY SCHOOL!  Who DOESN’T want to go to a Party School?

While all that beer and drinking and partying sounds like fun to some, there are plenty of college kids who thrive in an environment that’s exactly the opposite of AMERICA’S BIGGEST PARTY SCHOOLS.

And while WEB WATCH has written about any number of candidates in sunny Florida and elsewhere that are known for their bikini-beaches and free-flowing alcohol, perhaps you may want to consider walking a finer path — to one of these 2014 MOST SOBER UNIVERSITIES, according to The Princeton Review:

  1. Brigham Young
  2. Wheaton College
  3. West Point
  4. Calvin College
  5. Thomas Aquinas College
  6. College of the Ozarks
  7. Gordon College
  8. Grove City College
  9. US Coast Guard Academy
  10. City University of NY – Brooklyn College