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How much money does an Uber Eats driver make?

If you were thinking of becoming an Uber Eats driver, you may want to watch this video.

Here, Uber Eats driver SAM LYON talks about the challenge he gave himself: drive Uber Eats for 12 hours a day, every day for the month of June.

And the most common question he gets surrounding this project of his?


Sam figures he made about $10 per trip.

But since he purposefully worked a 12-hour shift, he ended up doing an incredible number of Uber Eats deliveries in that timeframe — about 25 a day (give or take), bringing him about $250/day, more or less. Watch the video for the exact math. One commenter suggested that Sam’s hourly income was probably a bit on the low side – less than $7/hour… but Sam more than made up for that in quantity of hours worked vs quality.

The important piece is that Sam’s goal was to see if he could earn $8,000 in one month by being an Uber Eats driver.

Spoiler alert: he did.

The math worked out that he would have made over $100,000/year if he kept up that insane 12-hour/every day pace. Take away about $600 in gas and 5,000 miles of wear-and-tear on his vehicle, along with a planned 30% in taxes, and that leaves Sam with about $5,000 a month in earnings.

Long story short: if you’re able to put in the time and effort (and are able to drive in an area with lots of delivery opportunities for quick turnarounds), it’s possible to make some real money being a delivery driver.

Watch the full video here: