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How to create a happy soundtrack for your app

One of the hardest things for amateurs to do when coming up with a great video, web game, or smartphone app is to come up with a high quality music bed to accompany the narration or gameplay.

At worst, it becomes an annoying din that the user has to tune out or turn off.

At best, it’s a hooky catch that transcends beyond the game to become an entity unto itself.

Super Mario Theme

Cubase Elements
Cubase Elements:
Midi Audio Editing Software Suite

But let’s say you’re still stuck making your own soundtrack or music bed?

And let’s say that you want to make your own HAPPY APPY SONG?

Luckily, Matt Long has come up with a theory about what makes the Most Happiest Music Bed Ever, and all you need to do is have three things on your favorite MIDI MUSIC EDITING PROGRAM, such as Apple’s LogicPro, Cubase Elements, or other similar music suite.

Those three things that guarantee that you’ll be making happy, happy music in no time?  Something that will be easy on the ears and not overly annoying when heard on repeat?

  • A happy chord progression in a major key
  • A simple drumbeat
  • A glockenspiel

And with those three things, you can whip together the perfect music bed that you’ve always wanted.

Go ahead, click that link above to watch Matt’s video where he shows you how it all gets pulled together.