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Happy cows are milk-producing cows

They say that when people are happy at work, they become more productive employees.

Happy life, happy wife indeed.

But can the same be true for animals?  If you believe what’s going on with cows these days, then maybe you’ll change your tune.

Lamaze Musical Cow
Lamaze Musical Cow

According to certain farmers, they’ve discovered that HAPPY COWS MAKE MORE MILK – but more importantly, you can MAKE A COW HAPPY BY PLAYING MUSIC.

Scientists proved that playing slow music would increase milk production by as much as 3%.  And anecdotal evidence from cow farmers all agree that music does soothe the savage beast.

And the TOP SONGS THAT GENERATED THE MOST MILK, according to research are:

  • Everybody Hurts – REM
  • What a Difference A Day Makes – Aretha Franklin
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel
  • Moon River – Danny Williams
  • Perfect Day – Lou Reed
  • Oronoco Flow – Celtic Woman
  • Pastoral Symphony – Beethoven
  • Concerto for Flute and Harp in D Major – Mozart
  • Symphony No. 5 – Beethoven
  • Symphony No. 7 – Haydn

So let’s say you owned a dairy.  What would be on YOUR ultimate cow milking playlist?  (Cow puns encouraged…)