If your job suddenly required you to milk a cow, would you do it?

Not everybody has to milk a cow as part of their job.  Farmers, sure. But every day folks? Not so much.

And definitely not celebrities. Not unless they were researching for a movie role or something.

Being Miss America: Behind the Rhinestone Curtain
Being Miss America:
Behind the Rhinestone Curtain

And that’s the difference between America and other countries.

In other countries, farming and milking cows and goats are just a natural part of the day’s activities, no matter who you are or what you do.

Imagine if the MISS AMERICA PAGEANT required contestants to milk a cow as part of the requirements of winning the Miss America title.  We’re not talking about this being part of the talent competition, but as part of the requirements for being a contestant entirely.

You have to milk a cow.  Seriously.

That’s the plan going on in UGANGA, where CONTESTANTS IN THE MISS UGANDA PAGEANT HAVE TO SHOW OFF THEIR COW MILKING SKILLS in order to win the top prize.  They have to work with goats, sheep, and show knowledge of Ugandan farming techniques.

So basically, they want a winner who is well-rounded and can best represent the entire country, not just those who know how to walk down a runway in a swimsuit in the spirit of “health and fitness”.

We think if they add animal aspects to the Miss America pageant TV show, ratings would increase. Especially if they have to milk a cow while wearing one of their fancy evening gowns.  We’d tune in to watch this, at least once.