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What do Justin Bieber and Jason Mraz have in common?


It can be a difficult question to answer, as there are so many different options that could match an appropriate answer.

Is it their hair?  Their singing style?  Their sense of swagger?

Or could it be something a bit more…. sexy?

Justin Bieber Duck Tape
Justin Bieber Duck Tape

It is a tough call.

But according to THIS LIST FROM BUSINESS INSIDER, Jason Mraz and Justin Bieber are #1 and #2 on a list of MOST EMBARASSING BEST SELLING SONGS in history.

We’re not talking about songs that are actually, you know, good.  They’re the ones that we all secretly own on our iPods, know all the words to, love to listen to in the car when nobody’s around.

But if any of our friends caught us singing along to them?  That’s another story altogether.

So – how many of these songs can you say you own?

  1. Baby, Justin Bieber
  2. I’m Yours, Jason Mraz
  3. Hey Soul Sister, Train
  4. Macarena, Los Del Rio
  5. Whoomp!, Tag Team
  6. Everthing I do, Bryan Adams
  7. O.P.P., Naughty by Nature
  8. Rump Shaker, Wreckx N Effect
  9. Wild Thing, Tone Loc
  10. I Wanna Sex You Up, Color Me Badd
  11. Baby Got Back, Sir-Mix-A-Lot