10 Things Music

What do Bob Dylan, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, and Justin Timberlake have in common?

Do you have a favorite musician?

Of course you do.

And if it was a one-hit or two-hit wonder (Chumbawumba or Men Without Hats come to mind), you’re often finding yourself in drunken esoteric arguments over why you enjoy their music so much.

How underrated these bands were.

How awesome it would be if you could get them to play at your wedding some day.

And most importantly, how your favorite band of all time is NOT THE WORST MUSICIANS OF ALL TIME.

No, the list of THE 123 WORST MUSICIANS OF ALL TIME is a completely biased list that has absolutely nothing to do with popularity or toe-tapping-ness of any particular song, but is rather a specialized take that aims to take certain exulted artists down a couple of notches back to reality.

Bruce Springsteen? he’s “mumble-mouthed”.

The Strokes? According to the article,, they’re a “bunch of trust-fund cokeheads”. We don’t believe this either, so let’s just call that phrase a metaphor.

Justin Timberlake is the perfect pop star.

We liked Modest Mouse the first time we heard them. As R.E.M.

Michael Jackson? Check.

Jay Z? Check.

Green Day? Ditto.

The Who?  Okay – that’s where we have a problem with this list.  Everybody knows The Who is the Greatest Rock Band that Ever Lived, and their inclusion on this list of 123 Worst Bands has got to be a mistake.  They obviously meant to put The Rolling Stones on this list instead.

We’ll send a correction straight over and get them to fix that glaring mistake.