How To

How to be happy in six easy steps

Being happy does not come naturally to everybody.

Some people are just happy in general, others need a bit of coaxing before that smile will appear on their face.

There are always those people who are shuffle through life with a perpetual cloud over their head.  But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

And it’s not that you have to be “HAPPY happy”, but you certainly don’t need to always feel down. While there are always outside influences that can affect the way you feel at any given moment, when that attitude is self-induced, then you need some help on how to be happy.

Just take a look at these SIX STEPS TO HAPPINESS, and see if you can try even ONE of the six items – think how good you will begin to feel.

  • Get rid of the Debbie Downers in your group. Happiness thrives around other happy people. (On the flip side – if there are happy people who shun you from THEIR group… perhaps YOU were the Debbie Downer for them)
  • Nothing has to be perfect. Accept failures
  • Don’t say “What if…?” if you can’t come up with a plan to deal with it. What’s that old saying, “if IFs and BUTs were Candy and Nuts…”?
  • Don’t worry about what other people are doing. You only have to worry about yourself.
  • Don’t be a constant taker. You have to give a little too.
  • You know that bucket list that you’ve been meaning to work on?  Get on it, and knock a few of those things off. Enjoy yourself once in a while.