Maintain a happy relationship with this ONE AMAZING TRICK ANYONE CAN DO! (hint: involves nudity)

Are you happy in your relationship?

If you want to practically guarantee that you do keep a happy relationship between you and your partner, you could do all sorts of things.  You could spend more time together, talking.  Go for long walks. Take a vacation together.

But even given all that, there’s one thing that you could try that could bring as much as 10% more happiness to your relationship:

Honeymoon Decision Dice
Honeymoon Decision Dice


That’s what a SURVEY BY COTTON USA CONCLUDED, after asking couples what they did to maintain happiness.

  • 57% of those who reported sleeping naked said that they were “happy in love”

Also reporting happiness were

  • 48% of those who wore pajamas to bed
  • 43% of those who wore nighties
  • 38% of those who wore a one-piece to sleep in, such as just a t-short or boxers

The theory behind sleeping naked leading to happiness is that clothing can just get in the way of intimacy.