In a relationship, size DOES matter

How tall are you? How tall is your partner?

When looking at who you find attractive, how important to you was your mate’s height in terms of what you find attractive?

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It ends up, according to a study from Rice University and the University of North Texas entitled DOES HEIGHT MATTER?, that height actually DOES matter when you’re looking at a prospective mate.

What did they find?  That the vast majority of women wanted to date men that were taller than they were — almost half of the women surveyed expressed this opinion.

In comparison, only 13.5% of the men surveyed felt that they must date women who were shorter than they were.   In other words, most men did say that height didn’t matter to them… but when they did express a preference, they wanted women that were shorter than they were.

For the women who wanted to date taller men, they said that it had to do, in part, with wanting to wear heels and still be shorter than their date.  They didn’t want to tower over their partner.