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Don’t want to get married or engaged? Try a “stayover relationship” instead

How to be an Adult in Relationships

We’ve all had those relationships in college: you have your dorm room, they have theirs.  You spend a couple of nights a week at their place, they spend a couple of nights a week at yours.

And sometimes, you spend the night alone in your own place, just because you can.

It’s a story as old as time, or at least as old as there have been relationships.

But it’s becoming a new trend to continue this type of relationship outside of the collegiate setting and try it in Real Life, as those who are dating enter their late-20’s or even 30’s or 40’s.

It’s called STAYOVER RELATIONSHIPS, and it’s a growing trend.

The official definition is spending “three or more nights together each week”.  But not necessarily seven days a week, as each person has their own apartment or home to go to.

Some of the reasoning behind this is that these types of relationships are the stepping point between “dating” and “living together”.  You get all the benefits of living together (ie regular sex) but none of the risks/rewards of actually sharing a living space.  No need to sign a lease or buy furniture together, no sharing of utility bills, etc. 

The whole idea is that once a couple decide to live together, that they will inevitably take that next step into an engagement and marriage — but as a STAYOVER RELATIONSHIP, they still have some sort of an escape clause.