Latest defense against cancer? Cat Poop

Medical researchers are always looking for the Next Big Discovery in their quest to prevent cancer.

Maybe they’ve found something that’s been just under our noses all this time:

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So what have these researchers found that makes them think that CAT POOP CAN CURE CANCER?

There is a parasite in cat feces called T. gondii (Toxoplasma gondii) that has been shown to fight cancer when it’s been introduced to the human body.  It does this because the human body will generate cytotoxic T cells in response to fighting back against T.gondii infections.

And why is cytotoxic T cells important?  Because it’s the cytotoxic cells that fight cancer as well.  And when the body isn’t producing enough cytotoxic T cells, the theory is that introducing cat poop to someone can help trigger the production of more cytotoxic T cancer-fighting agents.

So physicians are working on a way to make a cancer-fighting vaccine based on T.gondii cells to see how this works in the ongoing fight against cancer.

So do not try applying cat poop to yourself. Let the professionals do this instead.  It’s safer that way.