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Everything I Know I Learned from The Brady Bunch

Everybody knows the story….

…of a lovely lady.  Who was bringing up three very lovely girls.  All of them had hair of gold, like their mother.

The youngest one in curls.

Growing Up Brady
Growing Up Brady

Yes, it’s THE BRADY BUNCH, that old TV show that got relegated to filling afternoon UHF syndication programming that many adults today can look fondly upon and laugh.  We all watched The Brady Bunch, every episode, and we can safely say in hindsight that EVERYTHING WE’VE EVER KNOWN, WE LEARNED FROM WATCHING THE BRADY BUNCH.

So you could pop over and read these 21 LIFE LESSONS FROM THE BRADY BUNCH, or you can just see what Web Watch has gathered here:

  • If you walk out your front door while friends are tossing a football around the yard, you WILL get hit in the face with it
  • Six kids can share a bathroom… as long as there isn’t a toilet or shower.
  • If you enter a singing competition when you hit puberty, you’ll win
  • Butchers make house calls
  • Taking a long road trip with the entire eight person family (without the dog)?  Better get a station wagon – there’s plenty of room for EVERYone