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The Best Sandwich in Every State

At Web Watch, we travel for food.

Sometimes, it’s about the journey. But if the food is fantastic, it’s definitely about the destination.

So if you’re looking for a road trip or something to kill time on a weekend, why not hit the road to try some of these fantastic sandwiches? Even better question: how many have YOU tried?

Take ALABAMA for example. You may think that adding “white sauce” to a BBQ Chicken Sandwich is blasphemy. But Big Bob Gibson in Alabama invented this mayo-based white sauce, and if you haven’t had any – it’s definitely worth the trip. It may not replace the traditional tomato, mustard, or vinegar-based BBQ sauces you’re used to, but it’s certainly worth adding to your BBQ arsenal.

Naturally, LOBSTER ROLLS are the best sandwich in both Maine and Connecticut, and you can’t go to Florida without having an authentic Cuban sandwich. We have no idea what’s happening in South Dakota or North Dakota (with pheasant salad sandwiches and sloppy joes, respectively), but if that’s the best that’s available, we’ll give it a shot. We are disappointed that Pennsylvania is recognized for the PHILADELPHIA CHEESESTEAK – which, while a good sandwich on it’s own – leaves out the entire rest of the state for staking a claim of their own. Pittsburgh has a terrific food scene of its own – they shouldn’t let Philly take all the glory on this. And don’t get us started on how land-locked Utah’s best sandwich is… fish?

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