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How to accurately map the state of Michigan to your hand

World Map Wallpaper
World Map Wallpaper

We all know that your right hand (palm up) is the Internationally Known Map of the state of Michigan.

But everyone always points to the wrong part of the hand when saying where they are from, whether it be Detroit, Midland, Flint, Kohler, or Battle Creek.

Everyone is always a little bit off.Well, thanks to the folks at STRANGE MAPS, a site dedicated to archiving all sorts of interesting real and fascinating fictitious maps found in various media, we now have the ULTIMATE OVERLAY OF MICHIGAN FOR USE AS A PALM MAP.

So lay your right hand out in front of you, palm up, and take a tour through your instant portable map of Michigan with Web Watch:

  • The area of the thumb, separated from the other fingers by Saginaw Bay, is actually known as… The Thumb.
  • The bottomest part of the bay, corresponding with the webby part of your hand between your thumb and index finger is Bay City
  • The tip of your pinkie is Northport, on the Leelanau Peninsula.
  • The tip of your middle finger is Mackinaw City, Michigan’s most popular tourist attraction

The site also includes how to incorporate your left hand as the Michigan Upper Peninsula.  All of this is handy in case your GPS ever craps out on you as you’re driving up to the Great White North.